The Best Places to Buy Korean Skincare

places to buy korean skincare lines

Are you looking to buy some korean skincare products, maybe even online? This is the right place for you! It can be hard to find places that will ship to the US without crazy fees, or that even ship to the US at all, so we’ve compiled this list to help you find your products without having to search endlessly.

First, check out our article on the best products in korean skincare. Once you know what you want to buy, it’s time to get shopping! Here are our favorite places to buy Korean cosmetics from the US.

1. Amazon

Why do we love Amazon so much for our skincare needs? Well, besides the super fast and reliable shipping, they seem to have great prices and a good selection of Korean cosmetic brands, so you can try more than one face product from different brands at once. You don’t have to make a bunch of different orders.

You can also get free shipping if you order enough!

2. Sephora

We all love Sephora, don’t lie. That’s why we’re so excited that they carry the AmorePacific line, which takes inspiration from Asian skincare routines!

3. Urban Outfitters

Who would have thought that Urban Outfitters would be a go-to place for new skincare trends? They just so happen to sell a ton of great products by Mizon, such as the snail cream linked to above. Check out the offerings in their beauty department and you’ll be surprised at what korean cosmetics you can buy online through their site.

4. Memebox

Memebox is a really amazing “K-Beauty” monthly subscription package, like Ipsy or Glambag. If you want to buy Korean skincare products but you’re really not sure where to start, this is such a great option! You get new stuff to try every month and frankly.. who doesn’t love that?

What places do you love to frequent when buying korean beauty products? Let us know if we missed any in the comments, and of course.. what your favorite products are!