The Top 5 Korean Sunblocks for Oily Skin

Constantly preached about the skincare industry, sunscreen is essential for healthy, youthful looking skin. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that you’re using a sunscreen or sunblock on your face on a daily basis. Especially true if you use a Korean beauty routine for your skin, meaning that you truly care about the condition of your skin.

One common complaint about daily sun block users is that it can cause breakouts or oily skin. That’s why we put together this list of the best Korean sunscreens for oily skin.

Using an effective sunblock that won’t make your skin oily or is it essential part of your Korean skincare routine, because you’re already putting so much work into keeping your skin as nice as possible. Why ruin that by not wearing sunblock regularly? Sun damage is no fun especially when you’re investing so much Karen time into a Korean beauty routine. Prevent early aging with an effective Korean sunblock along with your normal routine.

Not sure where to start? This guide on the best Korean cosmetic companies with the daily sunblock will be your source for all things Korean sunscreen related.

1. Innisfree eco-safety perfect sunblock

innisfree perfect sunblock korea

This sunblock is a fan favorite on Amazon. It has an SPF of 50 and includes organic sunflower oil and green tea. Review were say it spreads nicely, is lightweight, and doesn’t cause breakouts. You can use this Korean some block daily on your oily skin without worrying about a greasy sheen being left over. If you want to wear a daily sunscreen without feeling on your face, at an affordable price, this product is a great choice.

2. Jelly Korean sunscreen

korean sunblock no oil

Korean jelly sunscreen provides a great broad-spectrum protection and light weight formula. Being an oil based gel, it provides excellent UV protection without greasiness. In addition this lightweight Korean sunscreen for oily skin. Includes high all your running acid which is perfect for problematic skin types as it helps to keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated at the same time.

3. Innisfree Eco safety no Sebum sunblock

korean no sebum sunblock innisfree

This sunblock by the Korean cosmetics line Innisfree is actually just like the first sunblock we discussed, except it’s made specifically for blocking both sebum and the sun. It’s an oil control cream and sunblock rolled all into one and prevent excess sebum production by using minerals. It also includes other helpful ingredients like Fermenta east and green tea water.

4. SCINIC Enjoy Perfect Daily Sunscreen Suncream Sunblock

scinic korean suncream

This Korean sunblock is advertise for daily use, and claims to manage both sweat and sebum. it has a creamy texture, no white Sheen, and lacks the greasy feel that many sunscreen waste risers have. It also has a natural patented ingredients to benefit your skin. it has an SPF of over 50.

5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Sebum Control Moisturizer

face shop sebum control sunblock

Last but not least is the Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control moisturizer with SPF 40+. Face shop is a very popular Korean cosmetics brand. this sunblock can be used as both a sunscreen and a primer so you can use it underneath your make up as a make a base that also moisturizes and protects your skin from the sun. It is said to control oil production on your face by using native Korean cotton seeds. While blocking the sun it also hides pores and balances uneven skin textures.

Top 5 Korean Sunblocks for Oily to Normal Skin |

Overall, most daily sunblock moisturizers created by K beauty companies will work for oily skin because of their attention to The best of the best skin ingredients. Any of these SPF my stretchers will help protect your skin from the sun even if your face tends to be oily. Do you have other suggestions for Korean SunBox just for oily skin? If so, let us know in the comments and we will be excited to add it to our list!