The Best Korean Primer for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be very problematic for anyone who wants a matte, shine free face as their skin gets only throughout the day. Thankfully, that’s where face primers come in. The best Korean primer for oily skin is one that both minimizes pores and allows your make up to last longer while reducing oil and shine on your face.

Face primers are in a central part of many beauty routines, creating a perfect base for make up application.

In Korean beauty terms, a make up primer or face primer is actually called a finisher. When looking for a primer from a korean cosmetics line to add to your skin care routine, make sure that you also search for finishers. In Korea, “finishers” and “primers” often mean the same thing.

Knowing this, today we will be discussing what the best korean primer options are for people with oily skin who want to follow a korean cosmetics beauty routine.

Two of the most popular Korean beauty face primers are The Face Shop Face it Velvet Skin Primer and Etude House’s Goodbye Pore Ever primer, perfect for oily skin.

According to one woman the velvet skin primer is one of the best selling primers of all time in Korea. So this is the real deal!

The velvet skin primer creates a smooth skin texture, is lightweight, absorbed into the skin easily, and does all of this without being sticky. The scent is also on bothersome to many people also if you like nice packaging the face shop Korean skin primer has that for you, too.

Another great Korean primer for a oily skin is the TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm. This face primer minimizes pores, hides fine lines, and blurs scars to make your skin appear smooth and nicely finished. It will make your make up application especially smooth and prevent your make up from sliding off due to oil production. This also seems to be a great product for acne prone skin with the added benefit of clearing up acne for some users.

Next we will discuss VDL’s Lumilayer Primer.

Your sebum production will be greatly helped with the use of this Korean primer. This is another primer that will help hide large pores and keep your make up long-lasting. Apply it after toning especially around the tea zone and if needed, add another layer over areas where you have especially visible pores. From here you can add your foundation for a flawless finish. This primer can also be used without makeup!

Banila Co.Primer in Classic Matte is the last primer we will be discussing in Korean cosmetics today. The classic matte version on Amazon has four out of five stars and great reviews. Originating in Korea it is made especially for sebun control, make up staying power, and helping oily skin. It will do all of this without clogging your pores. Again, use this Korean face primer on your T – zone and around your nostrils to prevent excessive oil production on your face. This primer will give you a smooth skin texture perfect for every day!