Here Are The Top Korean Foundations For Oily Skin

With the huge world of Korean beauty products it can be daunting to find a foundation that works for your skin. This is especially true for anyone who has every day skin problems like oiliness or acne. Thankfully there is no need to worry because we have a ton all of the research on the best foundations by Korean cosmetics companies for oily skin.

When looking for an oily skin foundation, you want to be sure that no oxidation or melting will occur as you wear the make up throughout the day.

Xtava perfect skin sweet almond powder packed Matte pressed powder

When you have a oily skin, sometimes it’s best to use a powder foundation. That’s why this oil observing compact is a great choice being made by a company straight out of Korea. It’s also a great size and can either be used alone or as a finishing powder on top of another foundation or other BB cream. It provides shine free oil control and a high definition finish.

Missha magic cushion
This Korean Cushion foundation is said by beauty bloggers to work well on oily skin.

Real black tea true active cc cushion

This cc cushion, used as a foundation, is said to be very effective because of the tea extract’s that are included in it. It actually includes French ingredients! Black skin not only nourishes the skin but helps control sebum.

Innisfree ampoule intense cushion
As another cushion foundation, this not only covers your uneven skin tone and prevents wrinkles, but provides UV protection. It provides a bit of a do your look the other Korean foundations, so if you have super oily skin you might not want to use this, but if you have slightly oily to combination skin, this could be a great choice.

Clearly, the cushion format is the most popular Korean foundation option.

Laneige BB cushion
This foundation is specifically targeted towards refining your pores, since it’s called poor control, and helps to finish your complexion evenly well hiding in large pores and offering UV protection. It is also to said to have a sweat proof formula, meaning that the foundation will last a long time even if you get slightly oily or sweat a little bit.

Innisfree no sebum mineral powder
We know this is not a foundation, but felt that it was necessary to include it in this list, because if you truly have troubles with oily skin this product can save your life no matter what foundation you use. One reviewer put half on her face while the other half was covered in tarts shine controlling powder, and at the end of the day, this shine control powder won by far. We encourage all surfers of oily skin to look into using a powder like this to get your sebum under control in addition to finding a foundation that works for your skin. This is because all foundations will be slightly more strays in, and it’s best to have a setting powder when your skin creates excess sebum.

With these choices, you should have no problem finding a great foundation by a Korean cosmetics company to work into your skin perfecting beauty routine. We hope you liked these products!