8 Incredible Acne Transformations: Before & After Pictures


1. It usually takes time

2. A raw honey acne miracle

This user only used honey! They put it on their face and let it sit for 20 minutes each night for 2 weeks after cleansing. Their results? “Nothing has worked before this.” Wow!!

3. Dermatologists can be a big help

This acne sufferer experienced amazing results only 2 months after going to the dermatologist, using a few professional treatments.

4. Accutane was the ticket for this girl!

Reddit user playinggod16 had struggled with acne for years and taken a few trips to the dermatologist to find what finally worked for her. Accutane! It’s not for everyone, but for some it works great. Before going that route, the help of a few acne products can go a long way! Take a look at the linked category to see if we’ve reviewed a product that might work for you.

5. Sometimes simple is best

This user’s acne cleared up with a simple but carefully chosen skincare routine and the help of some good old fashioned oatmeal and honey. This type of routine is more about being gentle and nourishing, similar to the way korean skincare works.

6. A new skin outlook in just a year

acne after

This young lady, after a lot of determination, willpower, and self control, was able to achieve these results with a moisturizing and gentle, consistent skincare regimen after a year.

7. Amazing results after using a skincare clinic

8. An amazing change from cystic acne on the cheeks to totally clear

Even rappers can get acne!

All of these before and afters are incredibly inspiring, which is exactly what I hope they’ll do for you. You can have clear skin, anyone can. It just takes time and dedication!

Do you have a clear skin story to share? Add it in the comments and we’ll post it here!

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    Wow, these are incredible transformations!!!

  • BrianR says:

    Terriffic before and after pictures! I liked the idea of a honey mask. Might be a bit messy but if it works who cares.

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