Best Microcurrent Machines: At Home Facial Machines Reviewed

If you’ve been looking into getting a microcurrent treatment but don’t want to spend time and money at a spa, buying an at home microcurrent facial machine is your best bet. With our honest reviews, we’ll help you find the best microcurrent device for your needs! But first, if you don’t already understand what it is, we will explain.

What is microcurrent therapy?

Sometimes referred to as a non surgical face lift, these devices use tiny electrical currents to stimulate your skin. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it seems to work. Our bodies have small currents going through them all the time, and as we age, these begin to fade. A microcurrent facial machine keeps the currents coming!

Does microcurrent facial toning work?

Japanese women rave about microcurrent facial treatments, and according to hundreds of beauty bloggers and YouTubers, they really work. By sending the same electrical currents painlessly through your skin that your body naturally has, it can stimulate collagen production, prevent wrinkles and aging, and some say it can even reshape your body.

They can be used to slim your face, help with cellulite, and keep your skin youthful and glowy for longer.

Best microcurrent machines for home use

Although you can get a treatment at an expensive spa or aesthetician’s office, getting a device to use at home is a great idea to avoid breaking the bank and spending all of your time with a nurse. There are numerous microcurrent machines you can buy online, many of which are cult favorites in the Japanese skincare world.

The main ones, which we will be writing reviews on all of, are:

-ReFa Carat
-ReFa Pro – less popular than the Carat, but still great
-24k Gold Beauty Bar

How much do they cost?

These frequency specific microcurrent therapy machines cost around $150, which may seem a lot, but compared to frequent spa treatments you save hundreds of dollars by doing it at home.

Where to buy it?

You’ll want to avoid Ebay and random Amazon sellers, as their products could be counterfeit and may not be made of the same materials and metals as the original products. Buy direct from providers who will ship it to you from the original country at a reasonable price to have the peace of mind that you’re getting an authentic machine.