Best OTC Retinol Face Creams to Fight Wrinkles and Aging Skin

aging skin in need of retinol

Updated for 2015!

Looking to find out what the best over the counter wrinkle treatment is these days? We’ve got them reviewed right here.

Fight wrinkles with retinol facecreams that you can get over the counter – no prescription from a dermatologist needed. If you’re beginning to age, as everyone does, you need to find the best products to prevent wrinkles on your face. This will usually be an OTC wrinkle cream jam packed with high potency retinol, which is one of the ingredients that actually works to help you get rid of aging skin and look younger. Although retinoids might seem scary to begin using, they can be great for your skin’s appearance!

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Aging is a dirty word in the beauty industry, isn’t it?

Wrinkles are even worse. And acne? Fuh-ged-aboud-it!

Not to worry, though. Thankfully there are plenty of scientists in the anti-aging beauty industry working hard to come up with face creams that will get rid of wrinkles and lines using retinol, no matter how fine or pronounced yours are. The best part is, there are plenty of these creams that are totally over the counter, which means you don’t need a prescription from your dermatologist to begin using any of them!

The two big ingredients in all of the best otc anti wrinkle creams are retinol and hyauluronic acid. Collagen is also an important ingredient, but really what we want these lotions to do is increase collagen production and make exfoliation and cell regeneration go a bit faster.

How to choose a wrinkle treatment

Although many shoppers are seeking a miracle treatment along the lines of a facelift in a jar (there is no such thing), not every product will work for every skin type. What really matters is choosing the product with the highest concentration of peptides and active ingredients to get you the best results without wasting money. By doing this, you’ll get the most benefit from your skincare routine and individual skin type.

Our advice is to choose the highest concentration and quality of treatment at the most reasonable price you can afford.

What causes aging, and how can you treat wrinkles?

Other than the slowdown of cell turnover which happens naturally as our skin ages and loses elasticity, the AAD says there are multiple causes of wrinkles and aging skin. Many facial expressions cause lines, including:

  • laughing
  • smiling
  • frowning
  • opening your eyes wide

All of which affect the more delicate around the eyes more quickly than other areas of the face. As time goes on, you may also begin to see what are called “smile lines” as well as deeper wrinkles in your forehead.

As your skin loses its ability to recreate collagen and elastin, your skin will begin to sag. That’s where peptides and other ingredients including retinoids come in to help with anti aging serums. These help regenerate the cells in your face to look younger quickly, and without surgery.

Where does retinol come from?

Retinol can actually be considered a natural ingredient, as its a derivative of vitamin C. This is why you will see so many body products including vitamin C. It’s great for boosting collagen production so you can avoid injections ad fillers!

It’s also great because it forces your own body to recreate collagen, which means the effects of the treatment can actually outlast the cream, as opposed to dermal fillers and injectables which has results that fade away permanently, forcing you to repeat treatments indefinitely.

Our choice for best otc retinol wrinkle cream for 2015 is either Advanced Dermatology or La Prarie. Which one you choose will depend on your unique skin needs and desires.

Do you have a recommendation for the best over the counter face cream for Neck Wrinkles?