Exposing Exposed Skincare: Our Review, Your Acne Miracle (Maybe)

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koreanbeautyblog.com exposed acne treatment reviewWelcome to our Exposed acne treatment review! Many users reviews of this system rave about the product, saying it’s the only thing that has helped. Acne can be one of the worst things ever for a person to go through. You may feel like everything about you is perfect.. except for your skin. We know how frustrating this can be!

It’s even worse when you try acne product after product and just can’t seem to catch a break. Your acne gets worse and your wallet gets emptier. Well, the Exposed skincare line could be just the line for you to eliminate your acne. We’re giving you a real review of Exposed skincare with all the deets so you can decide if it’s the right acne treatment for your new skin routine!

Exposed Skincare Overview – The Quick Details

  • The 3-piece line is said to give you clear skin in 30 days.
  • It was formulated by a team of dermatologists, chemists, and cosmetologists
  • It was created to be gentle on your skin, instead of harsh, helping you find balance
  • It treats existing breakouts and prevents new ones

A 4-Step Acne Treatment

Exposed consists of 4 different steps. They are designed to cleanse, kill bacteria, and heal any wounds or lesions caused by your acne flare ups. When looking at Exposed skin care vs. Proactiv, the lines are very similar.


The products and steps are:

  1. Gently cleanse: The first step is the cleanser, which uses salicylic acid to clear the pores, but also includes calming ingredients such as vitamin B5 and sage. Can you say skin detox??
  2. Tone: This step is called their “Clearing Tonic.” It restores your skin’s PH balance, which is extremely important for a clear complexion. It again uses salicylic acid to exfoliate, and healing antioxidants to protect your skin’s delicate surface.
  3. Next up is the treatment serum which uses good ol’ Benzoyl Peroxide to kill existing bacteria and treat upcoming blemishes. The use of salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide is like a one-two pimple punch!!
  4. Finally you can use their clear pore serum which utilizes salicylic acid again to keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay.

Combined, these healthy antioxidant ingredients with the exfoliating and anti-bacterial effects can eliminate your acne faster than you can say EW!

There are definitely some pros and cons of using the system, so let’s cover those.

Exposed Skincare Pros and Cons


-A simple, easy to use system that both kills your acne and gives love to your skin
-Eliminates future breakouts and gets rid of your current pimples
-Is much more affordable than other methods such as lasers
-Easy to use!!


-Your skin may react at first to the numerous steps and ingredients in the system. It’s ok, this is something that happens with every new skincare line you try.
-It’s more expensive than a drugstore acne treatment routine. (But, it also works better!)
-The biggest con, which isn’t really a disadvantage at all, is that you’ll have to spend a little money to know for sure that it works for you. But look at the reviews and read the section/watch the demo below to get an idea. It could cure your pimples!

Right now you can get $25 back if you send in an old bottle.. check it out!

The Real Question: Does Exposed Skin Care Work?

It’s hard to say exactly how well this acne treatment will work for your specific skin type, as only you know your skin. I mean, does Exposed Skincare really work? According to the glowing reviews on Amazon, most of which are pretty amazing, it’s definitely worth a try especially before going in for something like an expensive laser acne treatment or getting facials all the time.

There are 3 steps to curing acne: reduce the oil, unclog your pores, and destroy the bacteria, and this takes care of all three plus more (it has all of the yummy and healthy antioxidant ingredients to heal your skin, too!!)

Usage Demo: How To Use The Exposed Acne Treatment System

Here is a super helpful demo video of the products if you want to see how this skin care system is used:

Overall, this acne treatment will make your skin pimple free AND healthy, which is exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re worried about other treatments that dry your skin out when they fight off acne, but you have had luck with them getting rid of pimples, this might just be the right set for you as it has extra nourishing ingredients.

There are definitely other products that you can use to treat your acne, so make sure to check out our blog section on acne products if you’re not sure this is right for you. You can also read more about acne and preventing pimples if you’re not sure what kind you have or what to do about it.

Have you tried Exposed? Please let us know what you thought in the comments, we’d love your feedback and want to help others find the best possible treatment for their skin!

  • Florrie says:

    I was thinking since a lot of ppl claim it works, I’d like to finally fix my acne problem. Tea tree oil for my current acne. Bio-oil for the dark spots scars. However, I have no idea how to use it? or where to buy.

  • Brian Roberts says:

    Sounds good. Will the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide cause dry skin? Thanks!

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